Marking history on the Capricorn Coast

Thanks to Jacquie Mackay ABC Capricornia
for presenting this story on Friday,
11 August 2006

 In 2006 a series of historic markers were placed at several points in the Livingstone Shire.
The first of these was at Wreck Point tells the story of a boat called the Selina.

The Capricorn Coast Historical Society has decided to take the region's history to the people by putting up heritage markers around the area.

Marker at Wreck Point

Between 1863–64, while surveying the coastline, the Colonial Government's hydrographers found the 62 ton ship, Selina, here and promptly named the place Wreck Point.

In fact, the Selina was wrecked here twice – first, probably in August 1847, not long after sailing for Sydney on her maiden voyage from Pine River, north of Brisbane. Inexplicably, the ship was found washed up here on 20 October 1848. Her hull was waterlogged, her main mast was cut away and the cargo of cedar logs was still intact. The crew of 4 was never found.

The Selina, reportedly the first ship built in Queensland was refloated 3 months later when one man stayed to pump out the hull and keep her afloat. But, in about 6 weeks, exhausted and out of food, he abandoned the ship and Keppel Bay reclaimed the Selina.

This marker was removed in an accident and Capricorn Coast Historical Society is now working on a replacement as part of a new series of markers.
Other Markers in this series are located in the following locations
Ross Family Graves Dolphin Cres Cooee Bay
The Causeway Causeway Esplanade
Bell Park Hill St Emu Park
Cawarral Cawarral Rd near Annie Dr Intersection
Wreck Point Matthew Flinders Dr & Cathne St intersection