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What is a Historic Photo?
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  Today’s events become tomorrow’s history, so even recent photographs form part of the record of our story. So much of Livingstone Shire is experiencing rapid change now and the Historical Society would welcome donations of photographs that record the disappearing buildings and landmarks – and the new structures that replace them – as well as old images from the past.

If you have photographs, slides or film, it helps us if you can provide

  • names for all or some of the people
  • details of the event,
  • name of building, location of scene
  • the date (year if possible) of the photograph

    If you are unsure of a photograph’s significance, please ask us.
Example In the old school photograph below we would want to know the name of the school, year that the photo was taken, and names of as many of the people shown as possible.


Can you help us?