CCHS Local History Series

Leaving Gallipoli
The diary of Harold Tooker

Based on the WW1 diary of Harold Tooker, with photographs from the Tooker family and Eric McKeague, this is the remarkable story of one of the last men off Gallipoli following the withdrawal of the troops. He was with the 11th Light Horse Regiment, and his diary records the terrifying battle experiences and the discomfort of hunger, thirst and desert sand, as well as the day-to-day boredom, waiting for orders to move, with typically Australian dry humour and optimism.


An Early history of the Stanage area, the Torilla Peninsula and surrounds
by Neville & Christina Kayes

Complete with maps and photos, this book relates the early history of the pioneers on such well-known properties as Torilla, Stanage, The Plains, The Hollins, Raspberry Creek, Pine Mountain and more. It includes a graphic description of the 1874 cyclone written by William Flowers.

Stories about wrecked boats, good fishing, bad roads and floods, characters who have amused the locals, the off-shore islands and much more are remembered.

Remembering the Friendships…
by Norma Hempenstall

During the period 1942 – 1945 some 70,000 US troops passed through the training grounds around Rockhampton. Their presence made lasting impressions in the hearts and minds of Rockhampton citizens of all ages.
Many of the friendships formed between the GIs and local families have survived 7 decades.This is a tribute to those enduring friendships formed during such perilous times.

Mudmaps & Memories
Tours 1, 2 & 3
an Introduction to the Capricorn Coast by Peter Cook

Drive from Yeppoon to Byfield, or to Emu Park, or follow the route of the old railway lines from Sleipner junction to the coast, and discover the stories and history of the places you pass and the people who lived here. Many new photographs and maps are included to help you locate unusual sites.

History Revealed - A guide to the Yeppoon Cemetery by Mary O’Brien and Mary Bevis
Information from contemporary news reports, family letters and diaries has been used to present short biographies of 25 people buried here: pioneers, children, accident victims, nobility, bushies and townspeople. Many of the photographs have not been published previously. The book concludes with an optional guided tour of the cemetery for people who would like to visit and see the memorials for themselves. $10

First grave at Yeppoon Cemetery
Herbert Busby Lucas
Drawing by Jenny Hossack

A Swamp to a Town - YEPPOON 1865 To 1890 by Anton Schick

Follow the development of the township from the first house, land sales, first businesses, early transport and entertainments.     $10

Remarkable People - Rutherford Armstrong, Annie Wheeler, Ernest Beaman by Mary OBrien & Mary Bevis 

These three people played an important role in the early coastal community but do you know what they did? Where was the Yeppoon Sugar Mill that Armstrong managed?  Why did Beaman have a park named after him? What is the connection between Annie Wheeler and The Haven at Tanby Point?       $10

YEPPOON - A Portrait Past & Present Book 1

Includes full-page photographs of the town and beachfront, historic buildings and the changing face of Yeppoon Inlet.

This is a fascinating record of a rapidly changing town. $10

Festival Fun & Frivolity - Yeppoon's Pineapple Festival by Peter Cook

Pinefest has been celebrated since1962 and followed other early parades. Discover the results of the first soap box derby down Adelaide Street, the jump from a plane into the ocean, the bull fight, raft races and more. Lots of photos.     $10

YEPPOON - A Portrait Past & Present Book 2.
by Mary Bevis & Peter Cook

With nearly 100 historic photographs. Discover the fascinating story of Yeppoon's post office, railway and hospital.  $10

In Their Own Words - Writings from the First World War  by Norma Hempenstall

Accompany five local men as they document their experiences in private war diaries and letters, written from the front lines in Gallipoli and France during the First World War.  An ambulance bearer, an army chaplain and three ordinary soldiers display incredible resourcefulness, bravery and compassion in the face of peril.                           $10

YEPPOON - Memories of the War Years 1939-1945.  
And Sharing the Memories
 - Rockhampton 1939-1945 by Norma Hempenstall


These companion volumes detail what the Second World War meant to the communities of Yeppoon and Rockhampton: rationing, security measures, the consequences of American troops based in the region, entertainment, and conspicuous bravery. What is Yeppoon's link with the famous Lancaster bomber, G for George?                $10 each

Yeppoon, Paradise of the Pleasure Seeker - facsimile of 1930s book    

26 pages of photos and advertisements from the early 1930s  $10

Gift wrapping paper. $1 per sheet features historic photos of Yeppoon.

The story of the Findlay Family of Yeppoon by Dorothy Amelia Brown (nee Findlay)

Photo taken by Irving Studios Rockhampton

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